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With an approach focused on innovation and respect for the environment, our commercial cleaning products are the result of rigorous research and development, aiming to offer effective and eco-friendly products.

Discover our diverse range, designed to precisely meet the specific needs of our clients, with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Pacific Floor Care

Quality floor maintenance equipment. Its product range demonstrates smart engineering aimed at helping its customers improve their health and safety while also assisting them in being financially and environmentally responsible.

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Fast, transparent, and at the forefront of innovation.
Our experts deploy advanced technologies for maximum efficiency, enabling your equipment to be restored on the first visit. Minimize downtime with our express service and stay informed at every step, with no surprises.

Your satisfaction is our commitment to offering you unparalleled peace of mind.

Service de réparation d'équipement | Igo Pro

Onyx Solutions

Choose superior cleaning standards with ONYX Clean Power Technology – where innovation meets sustainability. Our products, with near-zero and zero emissions, guarantee efficiency and exceptional results, while contributing to a healthier environment.

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Why Us

Sustainable Excellence

  • Superior Quality: Commitment to cleaning and repair services that set industry standards.
  • Efficiency and Ecology: Solutions that combine performance with environmental responsibility.
  • Adaptability: Products and services designed to precisely meet your needs and reality.
  • Budget-Friendly: A wide selection of new or refurbished equipment, optimized for your operating budget.
  • Active Listening: Your criteria and needs are at the heart of our approach.


Collaborating with IGO, SSEM has consistently benefited from high-quality cleaning products and equipment, essential to our success in the household maintenance sector. Their comprehensive range, combining efficiency and environmental friendliness, enables us to deliver exceptional services to our clients. Moreover, the excellence of their customer service and deep expertise makes IGO an invaluable partner for our business.
Dylan SmithPresident SSEM
As the owner of a cleaning business, I’ve had the opportunity to use IGO cleaning products, and I must say I am extremely satisfied. These products have exceeded my expectations in many ways. Their effectiveness in stain removal and the pleasant odor they leave behind are simply remarkable.
Simon SynnetteSM Maintenance
I’ve dealt with IGO inc , for the past six years. IGO INC is not just a distributor; they’re our trusted partner who understands the challenges of the service industry. With a ‘chef selling to a chef’ or ‘mechanic talking to a mechanic’ approach, they bring a unique level of empathy and understanding to the table. Their humility and genuine care have truly set them apart. Our business in BC has loved our partnership with IGO INC. I wholeheartedly recommend IGO to anyone in need of top-quality equipment and distribution services with a personal touch.
Rejean De GuiseManager and Co-owner of Eyes in the Sky Inc

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